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Jim and Kerri Caviezel 

“Why does this book speak to so many people? Jim and I pondered this as we read through the pages that put us in the middle of Andy's journey and compelled us again to reexamine what God is asking of our lives. Andy's journey will simply speak to you because his experience translates to everyone's need to understand the unfathomable designs of God. The answer may be that we can never fully understand God's complete plan, but in our desire to comprehend God's will for us in the moment, day by day, we can find healing and peace just as Andy experienced. As Jim and I looked back on our own journey with God and faith, we started thinking back to the first time we met Andy at the Boston Men's Conference in 2010. Again, you ask yourself, what draws anyone to speak with this person over another. Possibly it isn't coincidence at all, but God's design, part of that unfathomable plan. We are all meant to be part of other people's journey to help them get where they need to go. Our small part in Andy's journey was Jim trying to get Andy to go to Medjugorje for the first time. My husband, Jim, recognized in Andy a kindred spirit of tremendous drive, a relentless persistence. Jim knew how important Medjugorje had been to his spiritual growth, and he used this relentless persistence to prod Andy into going. Jim saw in Andy that same restless longing for God that he had felt. It is that restless longing that allows us the opportunity to find union with Christ if we choose to take it. Andy not only chose to take that chance, but he has used his experience to help others through his writing. Andy's soul searching book touched us both because of its central theme of transforming love; a transforming love that we wish for all who take the time to read this thought provoking story.”

Cardinal Sean O’Malley,
Archdiocese of Boston 

“The past decade of Andy LaVallee’s life shows the power of Men’s Conferences, the impact of good Catholic friendships, the help of the Blessed Mother to draw near to Christ Jesus, the power of fasting, and the positive impact of Catholic social teaching in the workplace.  We are fortunate in the Archdiocese of Boston to have leaders such as Andy LaVallee who actively reach out to invite others to experience the joy of living as a disciple within the Catholic community.”    


Teresa Tomeo

“If you want to make God laugh; make plans." Anyone journeying through a life of faith will agree with that old saying including my friend Andy LaVallee. His story is a powerful example of what Romans 8:28 looks like in real life. Who knew that a bustling baking business would eventually be a recipe that feeds not only bodies but souls? God did and I'm just glad, despite the many questions and challenges along the way, that Andy said ‘yes.’”
(Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host

Scot Landry,
Boston Catholic Men’s Conference 

“Every man, particularly Catholic man, should read this story of how Andy was led from fast living to living the fast. His story has resonance for everyone who grew up in a tough neighborhood, then achieved worldly success and wondered if that level of impact and happiness was all there was in life. Was it their true purpose? Andy’s honest, humble and entertaining storytelling will ensure that all readers will like and learn from this great book.”
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Mother Olga of the Sacred Heart,
Mother Servant and Foundress of Daughters of Mary of Nazareth 

In 1994, Saint John Paul II wrote: “The whole of the Christian life is like a great pilgrimage to the house of the Father, whose unconditional love for every human creature [...] we discover anew each day.” That is the pilgrimage that Andrew LaVallee took and journeyed through. In this pilgrimage we each can experience the fullness of our conversion when the new life of faith from within intersects with the old world from without. For Andrew LaVallee, writing and publishing this journey is yet a testimony of his desire to reach the fullness of his conversion not only for himself but to share its grace with others. May God’s Name be glorified and many people be inspired by this conversion pilgrimage and journey deeper into their own conversion through this book. (

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, Mary’s Meals – Saving Grace 

“I am deeply moved by this story of profound conversion. And his message about fasting could not be more important – both for people who have not yet begun to fast and for those, like me, who so often try, but fail to fast well. Andy does not just speak about fasting, but through his wonderful ministry is actually doing something practical to help us all do this. I would encourage everyone to read this great book.” (

Christine Watkins, MTS, LCSW, Catholic speaker, media host, and author 

“God has chosen Andy LaVallee for a critical task of our time. The West has forgotten the power of fasting, which does nothing less than transform hearts, lives, and the course of nations. This fascinating book chronicles the true story of how Andy was plucked from his rough and tumble beginnings in the bank- robbing capital of America, saved from his over-indulgent worldly appetites, dusted off and cleaned up by Our Lord and the Blessed Mother in Medjugorje, and fashioned into a holy and loveable apostle of fasting. Pick up this book, take it to heart, and enjoy the ride of your life.”

Denis Nolan, Mary TV

“I’m really grateful to Andy LaVallee for his book. I need it! I’m reading it. I love it! Our Lady tells us in her messages, ‘God doesn’t want anything from you, only your surrender.’ Andy’s surrender is helping me." (